For over 20 years, SIMUL8 simulation software has improved efficiency in health system processes, reduced costs and improved patient care.

Working with clients across the globe including; Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, FUNSALUD and the UK NHS, SIMUL8 provide world-class simulation software, consultancy and training services.

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Application Areas


From optimizing emergency rooms to modeling ambulance services and drug treatment pathways, SIMUL8 software is being used to streamline a multitude of healthcare processes.

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Case Studies


Discover the success that major healthcare organizations across the globe are having with SIMUL8 Simulation Software.

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Online Workshop Series


Robert Celeste, Partner at RC Partners, and former Senior Director at GS1 US, explores how simulation was used to demonstrate simulate a secure solution for the US drug supply chain

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Why Simulation?

A uniquely powerful approach to decision making

Simulation is a powerful technique that allows you to make bold, confident decisions because it gives you the evidence to be sure you are making the right choice. How? You draw your process, just like you'd draw a flowchart. Add timing information about when work arrives and how long staff take to process it. Run the simulation to visualize your process while onscreen results like waiting times let you measure how your process will perform in the real world.

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"This kind of software really comes into its own as Healthcare organizations test out new ways of meeting new challenges."

Dr. Nick Gaunt, NHS Institute for Innovation