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For over 20 years, SIMUL8 simulation software has improved efficiency in health system processes, reduced costs and improved patient care.

Working with clients across the globe including; Geisinger, Johns Hopkins, FUNSALUD and the UK NHS, SIMUL8 provide world-class simulation software, consultancy and training services.

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From optimizing emergency rooms to modeling ambulance services and drug treatment pathways, SIMUL8 software is being used to streamline a multitude of healthcare processes. Visit application areas and find out about typical healthcare simulation projects within; Clinical OperationsLean & Six Sigma and Strategic Planning & Design.

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Watch our short videos and see SIMUL8 software in action. Learn how to create your first simulation, how simulation is used to reduce ER wait times and access recordings from our Online Healthcare Workshops.  Find out more...

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case studies

SIMUL8 software is being used in major hospitals and healthcare organizations across the world. Browse our case studies and resources to learn how organizations like Geisinger, John Hopkins and the UK NHS are using SIMUL8 to transform decision making and improve process efficiency.

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